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Yak THC Capsules 12pk

If you don’t like to smoke or you need a more convenient way to medicate, the YAK capsules are the best way to go. YAK THC extract capsules give you a perfectly measured dose of cannabis medication. YAK THC caps are made with premium extracts and organic ingredients for a convenient, discreet way to medicate. YAK Caps are the perfect edibles solution, when your on the go or just don’t feel like sweet snacks.

Active Ingredients: 100 mg. each of medicinal cannabis flowers.  Sativa: Active ingredients: Prime flowers of Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze and Pineapple Thai. Indica: Prime flowers of Grandaddy Purple and Purple Kush.   Other ingredients: Organic butter, Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (a preservative).

THC Content: N/A
CBD Content: N/A

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