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Vanilla Kush

Those genetic geniuses at Barney’s Farm have created another knockout hit with this pure Indica that is being billed as the most fragrant, full-flavored and potent strain that they’ve ever put out.  That claim was validated in 2009 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam where Vanilla Kush took 2nd Place overall!  She is known for her sweetly intoxicating aroma with hints of vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, and even citrus peels that will seduce you into a pleasant coma where your aches, pains, migraines and spasms are gone.  Relief comes immediately. That same hint of rootbeer cream soda carries over into a richly flavorful, luxurious smoke.  You won’t forget the quality of the flavors or the superior pain relieving qualities this bud provides.  Use in moderation as marked drowsiness will occur.

The genetics for Vanilla Kush doesn’t get any more pure or stable than this.  The mother is a pure landrace Hash Plant from Kashmir and the father is Hindu Kush, which is a landrace strain from Afghanistan.  These are regions that are known for their hash production and only the strongest strains are kept for these purposes.  This explains how Vanilla Kush got to be so potent.  Growers can expect moderate yields of up 225 grams per plant and flowering times of about 9 weeks.

THC Content: 22%
CBD Content: N/A

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