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Purple Voodoo

This 60% Indica strain is a 3-way cross of Double Purple Doja, Urkle, and Purple Diesel (or Purple Cheese).  Smoke is smooth, flavorful, and pungent leading to a long trancelike stoniness.  Upon exhale you’ll notice it’s shining Sativa traits while later it gets more sedate and relaxing.  THC levels are 16.24%, but CBD comes in at an impressive .37% which makes this an ideal medicinal strain.  Insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, migraines, arthritis, and anorexia are just a few of the ailments that patients have used Purple Voodoo for.  Growers beware, this plant is prone to molding, so you’ll have to be monitor growing conditions carefully, humid areas are not recommended.  This mold may not be noticed initially, as is can grow from inside the buds; this, of course, is unacceptable in the MMJ community.

THC Content: 16.24%
CBD Content: .37%

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