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Pre-98 Bubba

Genetics:  This pure Indica strain originated from a cut of Bubba Kush before it became widely available in 1998.  After the genetics became more main stream it was then cross bred with just about every other strain out there.  In this cut, the original genetics which made Bubba a name known everywhere are preserved and displayed beautifully.  If a patient is not familiar with the Bubba genetic line, this is the place to start.  Pre 98 possesses the pungent skunkiness that every Bubba hopes to achieve.  Along with smelling great this one also looks the part.  The dense frosty buds themselves are not as dark as other Bubba strains, but they have amazingly dark purple leaves, almost black.

Taste/Effect: Do not expect to get anything done after a session with this.  Patients report an immediate feeling of relaxation, followed by couch lock for several hours.  This smoke is recommended for winding down at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, the taste does not live up to outrageous smell on this one; Pre 98 Bubba is without a doubt a harsh smoke.  The taste is earthy, with a slightly sweet onset.  Make no mistake though; this is an amazing strain to add to any medicine cabinet

Growing: This strain is an easy one for novices to start out on.  This Bubba finishes up between 60-70 days, with the taste becoming less sweet the longer it is left before harvest.  The yield is moderate, despite the tight internode spacing the plant displays.

THC Content: 17.76 - 19.76%
CBD Content: .45 - .91%

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