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Platinum Sour Diesel

When you have a strain as beloved as Sour Diesel, you’re probably going to run into a few expert growers who really put the extra care into cultivating a particular strain that they cherish.  When the strain is finished it no longer resembles the “standard” strain that everyone has, it has evolved into a shimmering superstar of a bud that was created with uncompromised quality.  This higher level of quality is called Platinum.  With Platinum Sour Diesel, you have all of the sweet and sour lemon flavors mixed with the high octane diesel exhaust notes that you’ve come to love with Sour Diesel, but they’re just more pronounced…a little sweeter, a little more potent, a little more expansive, yet it’s more smooth thoughout.  Smooth doesn’t mean you’re not going to cough as the most seasoned toker will get a good hack from this rich smoke.  The thick, expansive smoke is the result of the abundant trichomes that are caked upon this superbly grown specimen.  It is perhaps this silvery shimmer from the trichomes that lends Platinum its name.

THC Content: 16+%
CBD Content: .67%

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