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Kona Gold

From the tropical Southern slopes of Hawaii’s Big Island comes the legendary strain Kona Gold.  In an area rich in volcanic soil and perfect climate year-round, it’s hard to reproduce these optimum conditions that bring you this potent, sativa dominant powerhouse.  This pure landrace strain has been grown the same way for years while a large number of landraces were bred out of existence, further adding to the old adage that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  The only thing that has changed about Kona Gold is its natural evolution into a stronger plant with THC levels now exceeding 22%!  That mineral rich soil brings out the best in any type of plant and this one is no exception.  Patients can expect a strong mental high and some have even remarked on this strain’s aphrodisiac properties.  The tastes from this highly resinous bud range from diesel to hints of pineapple with an underlying metallic taste.  This is likely from the high iron content in the soil.  This hint of metal is perhaps a clue that you are indeed smoking the real Kona Gold.  Growers can expect relatively high yields for a plant with classic Sativa structure.  This is also a very fragrant plant, if you’re trying to be discrete, this smell is a tell-tale give away.  Flowering time is 10-11 weeks.

THC Content: up to 22%
CBD Content: N/A

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