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Ken’s GDP

When you’re talking of the legendary strain Grand Daddy Purple, you must know of the Legend who made the strain what it is today.  Ken Estes, a modern day medicine man, has used his love for this wonderful strain to painstakingly share his miracle herb with the rest of the world.  After years of being in a pharmaceutical induced stupor following a motorcycle accident, Mr. Estes discovered medical marijuana, Grand Daddy Purple to be exact, and he found it to be more effective than previous treatments.  He was also able to return to being a productive member of society.  He used his newfound passion to experiment with his beloved strain and he crossed it unto itself (Grand Daddy Purple X Grand Daddy Purple), creating a strain of uncompromised medicinal quality and connoisseur grade flavors.  The buds are beautiful and colorful and so are the tastes with smooth, caramelized hash flavors dominating and some candy-like hints thrown in.  Patients cherish this strain for its muscle relaxing and anti-anxiety properties but most remarked at how functional they still were after medicating.  The buzz is euphoric and giddy, yet stimulating enough for you to ‘shine’ during social occasions.  With higher doses, it is also effective for sleep disorders and moderate to severe pain.

THC Content: 20.15%
CBD Content: N/A

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