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Hash Plant

Genetics:  This potent bud has a long and storied history.  It is originally from India and was taken to Afghanistan where it thrived. Most growers will claim Afghanistan as its origin.   There have been several variations of Hash Plant over the years, but the one currently keeping the Hash Plant legend alive is a result of a cross between original Hash Plant and Northern Lights #1.  This is nearly a pure Indica (90-100%)!  Most experts agree that any Hash Plant strain must contain one or more pure Afghani strains in its heritage.  This one qualifies because Northern Lights #1  is a genotype of the Super Afghanis.  Seeds of this current strain are available through some of the better known European seed banks.

Taste/Effect:  The taste ranges from sweet and spicy to dank and earthy resulting in a heavy narcotic like body buzz.  It is an acquired taste mostly to be used as a medicinal strain for those patients seeking relief from sleep disorders, anxiety, and most pains.  It’s not however, for the inexperienced smoker.  Seasoned Cannabis Cup judges have a hard time finishing  joints of this resin drenched bud. 

Growing:  This plant should be grown indoors in northern climates but can thrive outdoors in warm, dry, Mediterranean type climates.  Growers love this strain because of its high yield in a compact plant (3-4 feet) that puts out copious amounts of resin.  This is a great strain for making hash, hence the name.  A short  flowering time of 6 weeks is another attractive quality of this hearty strain.

THC Content: N/A
CBD Content: N/A

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