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Firewalker OG

Firewalker OG is a potent Sativa dominant cross between Fire OG and Skywalker.  The buds produced are as dense as rocks, which is nice, but makes it difficult to break apart by hand.  As far as looks go the buds are dark green in color and have orange, rust colored hairs.  Trichomes are present, but are not over abundant.  A light and spicy kush smell is associated with this strain, it also has hints of floral in the aroma.

The taste of Firwalker OG is very similiar to the scent, a very pleasant and non aggressive Kush flavor.  The smoke is very smooth and non-expansive, this is a great strain for patients who have sensitive airways, or have ailments in that department.  Effects include, but are not limited to: light headedness, an increase in heart rate, an increase of internal energy, and a strong pulse able to be felt in the body from head to toe.  Effects start on the upbeat and sociable side, then progress towards a more sedate state of being.

THC Content: N/A
CBD Content: N/A

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