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Cherry AK-47

Genetics:   This sultry red haired, award winning treat is a Phenotype of the classic AK-47 which is 50% Indica, 50% Sativa.  To create AK-47 four different strains were crossed (Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani).  This makes for a genetic diversity which can change slightly from generation to generation.  For plants, this can lead to unstable, weaker offspring, but it can also allow for some great new strains.  Fortunately, this is how Cherry AK-47 came about.   Imagine two dark haired, dark skinned human parents having a child with red hair… perhaps a grandparent had dark hair too, but maybe they had freckles, and this gene resulted in a red haired grandchild.  Not to get off subject, but this is the best way to explain the emergence of Cherry AK-47.  Every once in a while, while tending to their prized gardens of AK-47, growers noticed a few particular plants that are more red in color, more resin, larger buds.  They noticed too that the smell was sweeter, almost like cherry candy.  This became one of two phenotypes of Cherry AK-47 that have appeared.  Growers are always trying to copy this, but you really need to get the seeds or cutttings from a reputable source.  Out of the seed packs that are available, 2-3 seeds out of 10 from AK-47 could become Cherry AK-47.   

Taste/Effect:  The tastes range from spicy, skunky to mostly fruity and sweet like a cherry candy.  Smoke will be pungent and thick.  The high is a powerful stoney head high followed by a euphoric calm.  Since it’s a balanced hybrid, it’s also a great medicinal strain.

Growing:  The best results of this strain are achieved through hydroponic, indoor systems.  It is perhaps these optimum growing conditions that have the allowed AK-47 to show her best traits to bring about the Cherry phenotype.  Flowering time is 53-63 days.  Plants will be medium sized, with large colas and dark green leaves. 

THC Content: 15-20%
CBD Content: N/A

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