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Banana OG

This cross comes from the strains of Banana and OG Kush. You can definitely smell the banana in this strain. Banana OG tends to be misunderstood at times because of the many crosses of OG. Banana OG can be either Sativa or Indica depending on the type of OG that the breeder decided to use. So it would be best to ask the collective how the effects are. If they are slightly energetic and happy with some slight body relaxation then it’s more likely that it is Sativa dominant. Some patients can feel happy having a moderate body melting feeling combined with a haze that can make decisions take considerably longer. These patients most likely have the Indica dominant version of this strain. Both are great strains to enjoy one better for the day than the other but both are great to try.

THC Content: N/A
CBD Content: N/A

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